Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Woes

"The End Is Near."
The end of my life as a teenager. Why? Because I've already realized a few very important things that many of my adult friends cannot seem to grasp. Allow me to elaborate:
  1. Any holiday that concentrates on relationships is flawed. Three words: TOO MUCH PRESSURE.
  2. Any holiday that does not involve missing school (or work) is flawed.
  3. Chocolate is good. 20 chocolates, 1 chocolate cupcake, 2 chocolate cookies, 5 chocolate brownies and 2 chocolate reese peanut butter cups is too much chocolate.
  4. Valentines day is most probably the worst day of the year.
Sure, everyone loves the attention, the extra love from the people we love. But the truth is, shouldn't we love them just as much every other day of the year? Shouldn't we be able to surprise our friends and lovers with chocolates and flowers any day we choose? Besides, the truth remains: Hallmark invented Valentines...
Why didn't I get any cards?


Liz Davis said...

This is a lovely, sad and funny first blog entry. It is so true, every day (and no day) should be Valentines day. And, one can definitely have too much chocolate.

I look forward to your future posts!

Peter Rock said...

Could not agree more!

.mrsdurff said...

Make that dark chocolate! With good Colombian decaf is best. I too simply abhor the Hallmark Holidays, but I do love the food!